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Vectorisation with MapInfo 10

You need to vectorise the objects in the maps. Create a new file/layer to put the vectors in. Do this by choosing:

File > New Table

Select Add to Current Mapper, which means that the new layer opens in an existing window and adopts the projection of that image. After Create has been chosen we need at least one field called ID. Set the datatype, Type, to Integer. After Create give the file/layer a filename.

Open the Layer Control by choosing

Map > Layer Control

A list of the layers open in MapInfo is shown. To be able to add, modify or to remove objects from the new layer it has to be editable. Make sure that the icon with a paper and pencil by the new layer is shown in colors. If the icon is grey, click on it to activate.

Create points, polylines and polygons depending on what you are vectorising. For this you use the Drawing Toolbar (Dr).

Remember to save during the work.

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